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Colorado family-owned Morning Fresh Farms has always been committed to offering our customers a superior product where freshness and quality are never compromised. Since 1970, we have strived to exceed industry standards for food safety and quality assurance. Our success is not simply based on producing a better egg, but on the relationship we have built with the community and environment around us. 

You can be confident that when you purchase any of our brands, you can enjoy high quality, safe, wholesome eggs.

At Morning Fresh Farms, we have a philosophy that if you work hard, possess integrity and take responsibility for your actions, you will be successful in all of your life endeavors.

We have set forth a dozen standards that will guide us, as officers and employees, in optimizing our individual character, uniting us as a team and establishing Morning Fresh Farms as the company with which our customers, employees, suppliers and community desire to be associated.

A Dozen Standards

  1. Offer superior products, where quality, safety and consistency are never compromised.
  2. Employ persons possessing upstanding character and a strong work ethic.
  3. Offer our employees a safe and positive workplace, where their talents are valued and their standard of living is enhanced.
  4. Maintain a sanitary facility and premises that are natural and pristine.
  5. Conduct the most responsible animal husbandry practices toward our hens.
  6. Do business with purveyors that hold service, quality and integrity high.
  7. Service our customers in a respectable and efficient manner.
  8. Strive to exceed our customers' expectations and place each as highest priority.
  9. Respect and value the existence of our competitors in the market.
  10. Establish business objectives that are realistic, effective, and ethical.
  11. Be active in our community and provide assistance to those less fortunate.
  12. Remember to enjoy our jobs and extend good will to those around us.

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Overview of Operations

Egg Production and Processing

Our first responsibility as an egg producer is ensuring the health and well being of our hens. In order to produce quality eggs, our hens must be healthy and safe. Morning Fresh Farms operates a multiple age, 100% inline egg farm. "100% inline" means we have a fully automated egg gathering and processing program.

Our layer systems consist of both conventional and cage free production. Our most recent addition to the farm is a cage free facility. These barns contain a very progressive free-roaming system that is the first of its kind in North America. Through both conventional and cage-free housing we are able to offer alternatives to the special needs of our customers.

All of our conventional eggs are produced in compliance with the United Egg Producers Animal Husbandry Guidelines.  For more information on this program, visit

A majority of our flocks are various strains of white leghorns. Several of these flocks are dedicated to producing Eggland's Best eggs. Fed a patented all natural, 100 % vegetarian diet, these birds produce an egg with award-winning taste that is nutritionally superior to ordinary eggs. Our brown birds located in our "cage free" houses are also part of this nutritionally enhanced feed program (Please visit "About Our Eggs" for more information).

At Morning Fresh Farms we raise all of our own pullets. These chicks are one day old when delivered which offers us the opportunity to insure the long-term health and welfare of our hens from day one.

Every day of the year we collect all freshly laid eggs, then wash, candle, grade, package and refrigerate them. Within just a few days, these eggs will be on a truck destined for your favorite store or restaurant.

Environment Management System

We utilize a computerized environment management system to monitor and control almost all aspects of our hen houses. This system controls the fans and temperature, the lighting, turns feeders on and off and monitors the amount of water consumed. This system also interfaces with our egg processing equipment, counts the eggs as they come out of the layer houses and controls the flow of eggs into the processing plant. This procedure enhances the quality of life for our hens and improves egg quality.

Feed and Feed Mill

Since Feed quality is vital to the production of the best eggs, our farm has invested in a computerized feed mill that is dedicated to the production of feed for our hens. Because corn is the largest and most important ingredient in layer feed, we typically buy a large quantity of Colorado grown corn from local farmers at harvest time. In addition to ground corn, the other major ingredients in layer feed are soybean meal and limestone, as well as vitamins and minerals. Hormones and stimulants are never used in our feed programs, in fact, they are not used by any commercial egg farms in the United States. Hens that produce Eggland's Best eggs are fed a patented diet that also contains canola oil, alfalfa meal, kelp and Vitamin E. (Please visit for more information)

Quality Control and Food Safety

In addition to our own quality control personnel, we utilize the services of a "Resident" USDA Grader. USDA grading is optional for egg producers and we must pay for all costs of the service. The inspector examines eggs for proper grading, quality and size while checking for leaking and dirty eggs.

Our primary focus is on quality and food safety. We are totally committed to producing the finest, safest eggs that we possibly can. Our sanitation and disease prevention programs are the strictest in the industry. (Please visit Quality Assurance for more information)

Environmental Programs

Morning Fresh Farms believes in sustainable agriculture and is considered one of the most environmentally conscious egg farms in America. We understand agriculture's responsibility to the environment and value the land on which we farm and that which borders our fields. One of the most unusual aspects of this farm is the manner in which we utilize our poultry waste. We remove all the waste twice a week from our barns and immediately dehydrate or compost it. Our subsidiary, Organix Supply Company, uses dried poultry waste (DPW) as the primary ingredient in their extensive line of lawn and garden fertilizers and combines composted manure with wood shavings from our pallet reclamation center to make soil amendments. You can find their products under the Richlawn and EKO brands throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. (Please visit for more information).

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Morning Fresh Farms, Inc. is a family owned and operated producer of premium-quality fresh eggs. Our farm is located in Northern Colorado with majestic Long's Peak as our western backdrop. The Raith family has been providing farm fresh eggs to retail and foodservice customers in the Rocky Mountain area for over 30 years. In 2005, we joined Rocky Mountain Eggs, Inc., an agricultural cooperative. This Locally owned cooperative partnership will aid in improving both the marketing and distribution of shell eggs throughout Colorado and the West.

We are members of the Colorado Proud Program, South Central Weld Chamber of Commerce, are active with the United Egg Producers and Colorado Egg Producers Association and supporters of many local and national causes (Please visit our "Links" page for more information).

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